1. hi all,

    I’m retiring this Tumblr page and migrating over to our new website. Please check out our “News” page on the site for updates about the film. Thanks for following!


  2. It’s been so long! I was interviewed by Lindsay Campbell for her awesome podcast. Check it out here!

  4. I can’t believe I forgot to post this sooner. Sailor Fay Cuddington is here! Born Dec. 2 @ 4:30am, weighing 7lbs 6oz and 20.5 inches in length. She’s a doll!

  5. The waiting game!


  6. One week and counting!

    hello folks, I’m about 9 days away from my due date. OMG, this is really happening! Will post pics and ad update shortly.



  7. October Update

    Lots happening this month!

    We have some update shoots coming up with Kelly & Dina, as well as shoots with two new women, who were both medicated during their pregnancies. Also, Vickie is sending us some footage of her birth, as well as an update on how she’s been doing post-partum.

    And, Dina was featured on Do Not Faint.

  8. Killer Chinese food!!!

  9. Anxious Monday!


  10. Vote W&M for IndieWIRE’s Project of the Week!

    Great news — we’re in the running for Project of the Week on IndieWIRE! If we win, Dina will get a digital distribution consultation with SnagFilms, and we’ll also be eligible to win Project of the Month. If we win that, Dina will receive a creative consultation with the Tribeca Film Institute! You can vote for us here, but you only have until Monday at 11:00 AM to vote. Tell your friends!